Changes are coming to commonly used household cosmetics this year

Good news for cosmetics users: the FDA will finally be amending cosmetic legislation this year.

Products will now be required to submit an ingredient statement, report any potentially adverse effects caused by the use of a particular product, and provide contact information for consumers to report issues to the manufacturer or distributor.


The new regulations will most likely uncover previous incidents of mislabeling by cosmetic manufacturers, similar to the aloe vera gel studies conducted in November.

Samples of store-brand aloe vera gels sold by major retailers to soothe sunburns showed no evidence of aloe vera in them at all. Because the FDA doesn’t approve cosmetics before they’re sold on shelves, no repercussions have been put in place for retailers selling “fake aloe” products.

The upcoming amendments are designed to protect cosmetic consumers by enforcing “principles and standards for good manufacturing practice for the manufacture of cosmetics.”

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