FJA Legislative Update: Session Week 4

Message from the Legislative Team

Click below to hear Interim Executive Director Paul Jess share a short address to FJA members regarding the progress of our 2017 Legislative agenda.


As we close out week five of the nine week session, it was a lively one for the FJA Lobby Team and our volunteer member lobbyists.

Respective legislation that would allow for attorney’s fees that meet constitutional requirements in workers’ compensation cases and lower the cost of medical records are on the move through the committee process. There also is a flurry of activity on auto insurance reform as mandatory bodily injury liability auto insurance legislation began moving in the House.

Next week we expect action right out of the gate on Monday with auto insurance reform on a packed agenda in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, along with legislation to address Workers’ Compensation and water mitigation claims (previously known as “Assignment of Benefits” reform.

Legislation designed to curb human trafficking and bringing accountability to businesses that make a profit on the practice is also scheduled for consideration Monday in both the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and the House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee.

After next week, lawmakers a brief break to celebrate Passover and Easter on April 10th, 11th and 14th.


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